Boston's own Pavarotti .... Andrew Alexander !

Parties, Corporate Events, Functions...

WHATEVER you have in mind!
[ ...and even some things you don't

Andrew will help make your occasion a SMASH. From opera and classical to improv and show tunes. Mr. Alexander delights and entertains, sharing his vivacious love for music and high-spirited camaraderie to create for you ...a kind of entertainment that is spectacular! And not merely a spectacle to watch, but also an infusion of joy, to lift your special gathering to a warm, loving, and hilarious place, that you will always remember.

THIS is the kind of event that people REMEMBER.
A time where we can laugh, sing along, enjoy the gorgeous music, and simply celebrate being together.
Where we can learn a little more about some familiar, beloved songs and also be surprised and absolutely enraptured by a haunting new melody.

Andrew is not one to just stand there and sing!
Andrew interacts with your guests and definitely gets everyone involved! His antics are always appropriate in the moment—each show is uniquely crafted to create the most immediate and abiding appeal for you and your guests. Andrew is always a hit... because he loves to make people happy.

"For me...this is the BEST business to be in!"
"What greater value could I possibly create than to bring laughter and joy to others? sing the most beautiful music, to bond with them through humor and beauty, and to share with them my love for music and zest for life. This is what makes me happy. This is what gives me joy and makes me feel like I'm doing good in the world. This is what makes me satisfied."

This not only makes Andrew feel like a MILLION BUCKS ... but ALL of his audiences as well.




For your next special occasion, call Andrew !    617 901-3170
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